Medpro – Make the online examination appointment, Solution to Connecting Hospitals with Patients

With Medpro, patients only need a smartphone to easily connect to the hospital to make an appointment without having to wait in line at the hospital. The hospitals feel easier to adjust the number of clinics, the number of patients coming to the clinic and arrange staff accordingly, reducing the pressure on medical staff and in line with the Prime Minister’s direction of social distance. 

Current shortcomings in medical examination and treatment in hospitals

Long queuing in many hours for number in hospitals has always been the problem that many patients feel tired. Especially with the current Covid19 epidemic, patients will not be worried when they have to queue up like that at the hospital. Besides, the management of patient information can be erroneous when it has to be stored manually, making it difficult for doctors to examine, monitor and diagnose diseases. In addition, many patients during home treatment need counseling but cannot contact the doctor 
In order to help hospitals solve this problem, Sao Bac Dau South has cooperated with PKH application joint stock company to develop software for online medical registration - Medpro. Like a two-way communication portal between the Hospital and the patient, the software includes many convenient features for users such as: Manage patient information; Medical register; Remote payment; Manage examination schedule; Medical examination and treatment; Pay inpatient hospital fees; Provide Health consultation. 

What are the advantages of Medpro online registration software?

The software interface is friendly, easy to use with many features

The patient information management feature will integrate information to smoothly exchange data to form a unified system to ensure accuracy, completeness, to meet the requirements of management, expertise, and serving the patients. Improve the quality of medical examination and treatment: electronic medical records help doctors easily refer to the patient's medical history, past history, medical treatment history, indication form, prescription. With the elimination of traditional paperwork, information is automatically circulated within the hospital with intelligent appointment scheduling tools. The patient will be quickly served, without waiting, disturbed by repeated questions, and there is no need to move too much ...

The health check registration feature will allow users to proactively choose examination information through suitable booking streams: make appointments by day; doctor's examination; make an appointment from the follow-up appointment; Health Insurance examination.

Remote payment feature allows users to pay for medical examination without going directly to the hospital by both online and offline methods. There will be no shortcomings in the management and payment of hospital fees.

The examination schedule management feature allows users to do the following: manage registered exams; manage the follow-up appointment scheduled by the doctor; send registered examination form information via SMS to any phone number; cancel the examination card to get a refund in the case of a change in the examination plan; send a reminder to make a registered appointment. The patient will not have to worry about forgetting the appointment.

The look-up feature for medical examination and treatment results helps users: display a list of medical examination and treatment results according to each treatment; look up the detailed medical examination and treatment results of the specific treatment, subclinical results, pre-diagnosis and prescription. Patient authentication function before viewing medical results: phone number authentication in patient records.

The online health consultation feature creates a chatbox environment that allows users and doctors to exchange information via text messages, record message history, attach photos, documents, online, offline doctor list.

In addition to the outstanding features on the software, there are also features suitable to the user such as an intuitive interface that is easy to use and access; can be used on many electronic devices; easy to upgrade and expand; confidentiality and safety. 

Currently, a lot of hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City have been deploying Medpro software such as: Hospital of University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City; Trauma and orthosis hospital; Cho Ray Hospital; Minh Anh International Hospital; Thu Duc District Hospital; Hospital of dermatology; Children's Hospital No. 1; Trung Vuong Hospital, ...

People install the application to register online health check at Ho Chi Minh City University of Medicine and Pharmacy Hospital (Photo: Tuoi Tre Newspaper)

Hospitals that apply online registration software have been able to reduce administrative procedures, reduce waiting time for medical examination and treatment, avoid overload and improve the quality of medical examination and treatment without occurring costs for both hospital and patient.

For further information about the software, please contact:

Mr. Ho Dinh Thanh Tam (Account Manager)

M: (+84-90) 3852 682         


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