vCDN Services

VCDN Services include network with multiple servers located in many different geographical locations, to work together to distribute content, transmit images, CSS, Javascript, Video Clips, Real-time streaming media , File download, timeshift to end users. Operation mechanism of vCDN help customers fast access to data web server nearest to them instead of having to access the web server in the data center data.

Services bring many benefits to customers:

  • Speed ​​feedback websites: When using vCDN services, loading speed of your site will be improved despite outstanding customer access in any given geographic location.
  • No software required, no source code changes: Customers do not need to install any software on the system or individual devices. No structural change website
  • Meet the diverse needs of applications: from the web needs to support the acceleration of advanced features on the TV.
  • Payment flexibility: flexible payment structures, pay-per-use capacity
  • Competitive Prices

Services include:

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